Past Events

May 8, 2024 When is Tax Litigation the Right Answer? Handling IRS Audits
Melissa Wiley, Esq.
March 27, 2024 Structuring Inbound Investments into U.S. Markets
Scott Bowman, Esq.
February 28, 2024 The Delicate Balance of Senior Protection and Investor Autonomy
Andrew C. Egan, Esq. and Audrey Rizk, Esq.
January 24, 2024 2024 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq.
November 15, 2023 Hot Topics in State Tax Residency
Lance Rothenberg, Esq.
October 18, 2023 Recent IRS Challenges to Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs)
Kevin Matz, Esq.
September 20, 2023 Implementation of the Corporate Transparency Act
Glenn Fox, Esq.
June 1, 2023 Joint Golf Outing and Networking with EPC of Bergen County
No speaker
May 17, 2023 The Art of Negotiation & Effective Communication
Lawrence Eichen, Esq.
March 29, 2023 Maximizing Life Insurance Value: Professional and Ethical Responsibility
Jamie L. Mendelsohn – Executive Vice President (Ashar Group)
February 15, 2023 Qualified Small Business Stock
Bryan Bloom, Esq., Kevin M. Fuller, CPA, Bryan Keith, Richard L.N. Weaver
January 25, 2023 2023 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq.
November 17, 2022 Death and the Divorce Process
Robert Kornitzer, Esq.; Gary Botwinick, Esq., Lesley Draper, CFP, CTFA; Daniel Roche, CPA
October 19, 2022 Private Placement Insurance and Premium Financing
Lawrence Adamo and Dennis McMahan
September 23, 2022 Delaware Trust Planning Options for New Jersey Clients
Richard (Dick) Nenno, Esq. and Vince Thomas, Esq.
June 1, 2022 Networking Event
March 23, 2022 Estate Planning and Administration with Unusual Assets – Part 1
Richard Ploss, Esq. and Lynn Magnusson
February 15, 2022 Estate Planning for Retirement Assets in a SECURE World and Beyond
Leonard J. Witman, Esq. and Tara S. Sinha, Esq.
January 27, 2022 CANCELLED - 2022 Heckerling Review
December 15, 2021 Maximizing Social Security
Jim Blair & Marc Kiner
November 17, 2021 Assisted Reproductive Technology and Estate Planning (including same sex couples)
Carole Bass, Esq. and Alexis Cirel, Esq.
October 20, 2021 EPCNNJ: Indoor/Outdoor, In-Person Networking Event
September 23, 2021 Federal Tax Update
Sam Donaldson, JD, LL.M
June 29, 2021 EPCNNJ Networking Event *In - Person*
April 27, 2021 What’s the Value of a College Education and How Do You Pay for It? EPCNNJ Panel: Gifts/529 Plans - 40 Under 40**
Tim Lear, Pingry School, Kevin Centurrino, Esq., Leigh Russo
March 23, 2021 Estate Planning for Intellectual Property
Linda Wank, Esq.
March 17, 2021 EPCNNJ - Virtual Networking Lunch
February 23, 2021 What Your Best Clients Need to Know About Florida Law & Planning
Alan Gassman
January 27, 2021 The Most Pressing Issues for Estate Planners this Year
Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq.
January 21, 2021 EPCNNJ - Virtual Networking Lunch
December 15, 2020 Planning for Aging: Part 2 (Litigation Issues, Daily Money Management and Home Care)
Richard Miller, Esq.; Hedy Knapp; Mia Kebea
November 10, 2020 Planning for Aging: Part 1 (Trusts, Financing & Care Management)
Crystal West Edwards, Esq.; Jim Ciprich, CFP; Trish Barbosa, GCM
October 14, 2020 Insurance Update
Barry D. Flagg, CFP, CLU, ChFC, GFS President & Founder - Veralytic
September 24, 2020 Legacy Planning: The Future of Wealth Management & Estate Planning
Dan Scott, Esq.
August 31, 2020 Wealth Transfer Planning - Creating Flexibility in Uncertain Times
Caroline B. McKay, JD
May 13, 2020 Value Based Legacy Planning - EPCNNJ Dinner Meeting & Under 40 Night
March 25, 2020 The Past Year's Most Significant, Curious or Downright Fascinating Fiduciary Cases - EPCNNJ Dinner Meeting
Dana G. Fitzsimons Jr., Esq.
January 30, 2020 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq., & Andrew Wolfe, Esq.
November 20, 2019 Succession Planning for the Family Business - EPCNNJ Dinner Meeting
Chi-Yu Liang, J.D. – VP, Goldman Sachs; Joy Matak, J.D., LL.M – CohnReznick; Andy Stamelman, J.D., LL.M – Sherman Wells Sylvester & Stamelman LLP; Moderator: Chris Koza – VP, Goldman Sachs
October 16, 2019 Fall Networking Event Highlighting Individual Data Privacy from the US Secret Service
September 20, 2019 Natalie Choate on Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits
Natalie Choate, Esq.
May 15, 2019 Crazy Rich Millennials - EPCNNJ Dinner Meeting
Benjamin Lehrhoff, Tracy Child, Esq., Christopher Koza
March 27, 2019 Business Sales - Maximizing a Once in a Lifetime Event - EPCNNJ Dinner Mtg
January 31, 2019 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq., & Andrew Wolfe, Esq.
November 14, 2018 Comedy Night at the Madison:
Featuring Ethical Humorist Sean Carter, Esq.
October 18, 2018 Morristown Club - Networking Event
W. Barry Thomson
September 28, 2018 Recent Developments in Federal Income, Estate and Gift Taxes Affecting Individuals and Small Businesses
Sam Donaldson J.D., LL.M., Professor at Georgia State University College of Law
July 18, 2018 Bonus Event - Midsummer Wine Tasting Party
May 9, 2018 Til Divorce Do Us Part: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning for Marital Dissolution
Warren K. Racusin, Esq.
April 18, 2018 Life Insurance Simplified: Demystifying the Complexity of Life Insurance
Mark Prowell
March 1, 2018 Bonus Event - Best Practices 60 Days After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
Marty Shenkman, Joy Matak, Matt Masterson and Richard Harris
February 8, 2018 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq., & Andrew Wolfe, Esq.
November 15, 2017 Discretionary Distributions and Other Fiduciary Exercises of Discretion
Lynn C. Halpern, Bessemer Trust, Senior Fiduciary Counsel
October 26, 2017 Morristown Club - Networking Event
September 29, 2017 What's New from Washington
Catherine V. Hughes, Esq., Attorney-Advisor in the Office of Tax Policy, Department of the Treasury, Washington, D.C.
July 19, 2017 Special Event - Midsummer Wine Tasting Party
May 10, 2017 Estate Planning with International Flair
Jack F. Meola, J.D., C.P.A., G. Warren Whitaker, Esq., Edward J. Devine
March 1, 2017 Senior Services and Advanced Care Planning for Older Adults
Jeanne Kerwin, D.MH; Rita Dyer, RN, MSN, APN-C, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner; Michele Cameron, RN,BSN, MA, CMC; Crystal West Edwards, Esq.
January 26, 2017 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq., & Andrew Wolfe, Esq.
December 14, 2016 Bonus Event - Planning for a World with No Estate Tax
Anita Siegel, Esq., Siegel & Bergman, LLC; Judson Stein, Esq., Genova Burns, LLC; Ira Herman, CPA, CohnReznick, LLP; Eric Furey, CFP, RegentAtlantic, LLC
November 16, 2016 New York and New Jersey Resident & Nonresident Taxation - An Overview of Rules, Tests & Issues
Paul Comeau, Esq., Partner, Hodgson Russ LLP
October 27, 2016 Networking Event
Sally Glick, Principal and Chief Growth Strategist of Sobel & Co., LLC
September 30, 2016 Current Estate Planning Trends from a Tax Court Litigator's Perspective
John Porter, Esq., Baker Botts LLP
June 1, 2016 Why Bad Decisions Happen to Good People - Investment Implications of Behavioral Finance
Scott Clemons, CFA
May 11, 2016 Special Event - New Jersey Uniform Trust Code Seminar
Andrew J. DeMaio, Esq.
March 9, 2016 Planning for Adult Special Needs Children
Deirdre Wheatley-Liss, Esq.,LLM, CELA; Trish Colucci, RN-BC, CCM; Terry McKeon
January 28, 2016 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, CPA, JD, LLM of Greenberg & Schulman and Andrew T. Wolfe, CPA, JD, LLM of Hartman & Winnicki
January 28, 2016 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, Esq., & Andrew Wolfe, Esq.
November 18, 2015 Intersection of Trusts and Retirement Plans
Leonard Witman
October 22, 2015 Social Networking - Annual Networking Event
David Deutch, Whitman Business Advisors
September 25, 2015 Estate Planning for Individuals Worth Less than $10 million
Jonathan Blattmachr
May 14, 2015 Family Friendly Charitable Planning
Anita Siegel, Esq.
March 25, 2015 Captive Insurance - Exploring Risk Management, Tax, Estate Planning and Other Opportunities Under New Jersey's Captive Insurance Company Law
John M. Talley, J.D., Chief of the Office of Captive Insurance, NJ Department of Banking & Insurance and Harry M. Baumgartner, JD, Bressler, Amery & Ross
January 28, 2015 Heckerling Review - 2015
Richard Greenberg, CPA, JD, LL.M-Greenberg & Schulman and Andrew T. Wolfe, CPA, JD, LL.M-Hartman & Winnicki
November 19, 2014 Venn Diagrams: The Intersection of Estate & Income Tax
Paul S. Lee, J.D., LL.M, National Managing Director, Bernstaein Global Wealth Management
October 16, 2014 Networking Event
Brynne Tillman
September 18, 2014 The 201 Best & Worst Planning Ideas for Your Client's Retirement Benefits; Planning for Retirement Benefits: Recent Developments & Current Trends
Natalie Choate, JD
May 14, 2014 Integrating Asset Protection and Estate Planning
Gideon Rothschild, JD, CPA, Moses & Singer LLP, New York, NY
May 8, 2014 Society of Financial Service Professionals "Professionals Day"
March 26, 2014 Steering Your Family Business to the Next Generation
Jim Barrood, Executive Director, The Rothman Institute of Entrepeneurship at Fairleigh Dickinson University; Bernard (Bud) D'Avella, Family Business & Law Advisor, Dan Kerrigan, CFA, Managing Director, MPI, Inc., Princeton, NJ; Marc Gaelen, O. Berk Company, Union, NJ
January 30, 2014 Heckerling Update - 2014
Richard Greenberg, Andrew Wolfe
December 6, 2013 The Affordable Care Act & Healthcare Evolution: Fact not Fiction
Garry Straker, CMS, CEBS, Pricipal Partner, CohnReznick Benefits Consultants
November 7, 2013 Not Your Grandma's Social Security Strategies: A Fresh Look at Maximizing Benefits
Amanda Lott, CFP and John Zeltmann, CFP of RegentAtlantic Capital, LLC
September 24, 2013 Incomplete Gift Non-Grantor Trust: Latest Developments & Private Letter Rulings-Leveraging DINGs int
William D. Lipkind, JD, LL.M, Lampf, Lipkind, Prupis & Petigrow, P.C., West Orange, NJ & New York,
January 29, 2013 Heckerling Review
Richard Greenberg, CPA, JD, LLM and Andrew T. Wolfe, CPA, JD, LLM, Hartman & W
November 29, 2012 What I Would Like to Know About Life Insurance If I Didn't Already Know It
Clark McCleary, CLU, ChFC
October 1, 2012 Estate Planning: Current Developments and Hot Topics
Steve R. Akers, Esq., Bessemer Trust
May 23, 2012 The Art of Donating Your Cake to Your Family and Eating it Too
S. Stacy Eastland, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Company
March 6, 2012 Fiduciary Risk: A Guide for the Litigation Averse
Gail E. Cohen, Vice Chairman & General Trust Counsel, Fiduciary Trust Company International
January 25, 2012 2012 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning - An Update
Richard Greenberg, Greenberg & Schulman, Woodbridge and Andrew T. Wolfe, Hartman & Winnicki, Paramus
November 29, 2011 Using Your 401(k) and IRA Smartly For You & Your Heirs
Chris Cordaro, RegentAtlantic Capital, LLC
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